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Axence solutions are designed for all companies and organizations, regardless of their business profile, having operating networks of both a few and a few thousand devices.

Our software responds not only to the needs of network administrators and IT infrastructure/security engineers, but also of the executive staff.

what additional features are available in Axence nVision Pro:


Ø  Monitoring activity on switch ports

Axence nVision Pro allows for the detailed monitoring of activity on switch ports. Information on port status, connected devices, and network traffic on the given port is read with the use of SNMP. The program reads MAC addresses of connected devices, thus allowing devices previously not connected in the network to be identified.

Ø  Support for SNMP Traps

Axence nVision Pro enables the use of SNMP Traps. Therefore, you will be able to actively respond to events occurring on network devices supporting SNMP.

Ø  Monitoring of Windows service status

Axence nVision Pro monitors the status of Windows system services. With use of WMI the program reads information on the services working on the device. It gives information about a change of service status on a current basis, or even reacts when the service stops and restarts it automatically.

Ø  Windows event log entries

Windows event log contains a multitude of significant information. Axence nVision Pro monitors entries in the log for selected devices. If an entry meeting the specified criteria is found, the program may react. Information from event logs of numerous devices is stored in one place.

Ø  Support for syslog messages

Axence nVision Pro provides collecting activity logs from devices in the network and send syslog messages. This makes it able to immediately react to events occurring on the network devices.


  • Inventory (Hardware and software)

Ø  History of configuration changes

Axence nVision Pro stores the history of changes in the scope of hardware and software (also for machines temporarily disconnected from the network). Computer configuration is scanned daily, and the scanner does not load the machines. If necessary, notifications on changes in the computer configuration can be sent.

Ø  Software legality audit

Axence nVision Pro enables the number of owned licenses to be checked with the detected installations of software. Installed software is detected both on the basis of executable files and register entries. Based on the constantly updated software template database, the detected applications are classified with regard to the licensing requirements. Entering information on owned licenses is easy, and the license description is flexible. Due to the offline scanner, the IT audit may also include devices not connected to the network.

Ø  Audit of multimedia files

Axence nVision Pro discovers multimedia files (of any type) on specific workstations. You can easily prepare a list of illegal multimedia (e.g. large video files) in the corporate network.

Ø  Clear configuration statements

Axence nVision Pro offer an inventory of IT resources. The program collects detailed information about the hardware configuration with selected system parameters. You can quickly develop the current statement of configuration parameters for the hardware in our network. Being aware which machines have insufficient specifications, you can plan the further hardware upgrades in an easier manner.

Ø  Administrative data (Fixed Assets)

Axence nVision Pro enables the automatic supplementation of the data acquired by the program with custom administrative data related to IT infrastructure. You can input serial numbers, responsible persons, or costs of purchase and maintenance. Specific elements of equipment can be described in a custom manner. You can even define your own device types. Each element entry can be complemented with attachments, e.g. scanned purchase invoices or warranty cards. Axence nVision Pro allows the generation of inventory tags with barcodes and the performance of stock taking with the use of an Android application.

  • Users (Users activity)

Ø  Application usage monitoring

Axence nVision Pro monitors user activity in a specific launched application. Based on the keyboard and mouse activity in the active application window, the program calculates the real duration of usage of the individual programs. Headers of launched application windows are collected, thus allowing you to check e.g. what documents were edited by the user. Axence nVision Pro also offers activity in the scope of forensic IT – if necessary, by the monitoring of user activity on websites and in applications (with an accuracy of one second) or by enabling automatic screen grabbing, you will easily collect electronic evidence.

Ø  Website monitoring (number and duration of visits)

Axence nVision Pro collects information about all the websites viewed by the users. You can check the duration and number of visits on individual pages and compile a statement of top viewed pages or persons spending the most time in the network. The program is compatible with all common web browsers.

Ø  Detailed work time monitoring

User work time is determined on the basis of keyboard and mouse activity. You can easily and accurately check the time of work start and finish on any given day. Axence nVision Pro also stores the information about breaks in the use of a workstation. The minimum time of a registered break can be adapted to the type of work performed.

Ø  Network traffic generated by the user

Axence nVision Pro monitors network traffic generated by users. The monitored transfer is divided into local and web transfer. The generated network traffic is presented with a division into protocols. You can easily pinpoint which users load the links by downloading large data packets.

Ø  Printing audit and costs

Axence nVision Pro collects detailed information on the printouts performed by the users. You can find out: which documents were printed, when, by whom and on which printer. With Axence nVision Pro you can produce a statement of printout costs for individual users or printers.

  • HelpDesk(Interactive helpdesk)

Ø  Embedded remote access

Axence nVision Pro enables the remote access to machines in the network, also from the level of web browser. Due to the integration of the remote access with nVision Agent, you can obtain access to any workstations, also those behind NAT (e.g. to a laptop at an employee’s home). You can take over any active user session, also on a terminal server. Depending on the defined options, a user session can be taken over with or without the consent of the user.

Ø  Integrated chat

Axence nVision Pro has an in-built instant messenger. It is a tool which allows only for internal communication (people from outside do not have access to the messenger). It is a safe alternative for external chats and effectively facilitates the technical support for the user, when they attempt to solve simpler issues on their own.

Ø  Messages sent to users

Axence nVision Pro allows maintenance messages to be sent to selected users or work stations. You can specify the level of importance for the sent messages, and define the mandatory receipt confirmation, which is very helpful, e.g. when you seek to inform employees about a server restart. For the most important messages, it is possible to collect a list of users who have read the message and confirmed it.

  • DataGuard(Data security)

Ø  Defining rights of access to selected data media

Axence nVision Pro enables the creation of a structure of the rights of access to: portable disks, Flash memories, memory cards, virtual volumes, mobile phones, multimedia players, printers, network adapters, WiFi, Bluetooth or IrDA ports. You can authorize access to corporate network for selected devices. It is also possible to fully block the access for specified device types and to obtain information about the devices currently connected to machines in the network. Axence nVision Pro identifies devices on the basis of their serial numbers, and access rights are enforced by nVision Agent, even if the machine is not connected to the network.

Ø  Access rights created on the level of device and Active Directory

Axence nVision Pro can operate on the level of user groups and users imported from the Active Directory domain controller. If you do not work in a domain environment, access rights are managed on the level of a structure created by users (e.g. one reflecting a company’s organization structure).

Ø  History of operations performed on devices

Axence nVision Pro collects information about all recording operations on selected data media. You can trace who and when copied data to the specific device. The program can also alarm you about the connection of unauthorized data media.

  • Management (Manage the access rights for administrators)

Ø  Simultaneous work of multiple administrators

Axence nVision Pro enables the comfortable work of entire teams of administrators. Multiple consoles within a local network can be connected to one application server.

Ø  Varied access rights for different administrators

In Axence nVision Pro you can specify in detail the access rights for individual administrators. Those responsible for different company branches may have access only to a determined scope of information (e.g. only pertaining to selected devices).

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