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Block / Filter Internet Access
Block or filter Internet access conveniently from a Central Console. Internet traffic can be blocked or filtered at both HTTP and HTTPS levels. BrowseControl restricts Internet access by computers or by users.

Allow or Deny URL Access
Enhance employee/student productivity by restricting surfing to work/school related sites only. Add the relevant sites to the Allowed List and the users’ browsing will be confined to these sites only. To allow access to all sites but the offensive ones (eg. games, adult sites etc) enforce the Blocked List.

URL Category Filtering
Extend your organization’s Internet access policies beyond the White (Allowed) and Black (Blocked) listing of URLs. CurrentWare’s extensive Category Filtering, comprising of a diverse listing of more than 100 URL categories provides the added control of managing website accessibility beyond the simple list of URLs.
From the central Console, administrators can instantly implement Internet restriction policies at the user or computer level. The laborious task of blocking millions of objectionable web sites is instantly facilitated by simply selecting categories to be blocked from a range of more than 100 URL Category filters.

Block Chats, Games or Offensive Applications
Eliminate the distractions from playing games or online chatting on common programs such as AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger etc.. BrowseControl blocks applications through the “Original Filename” which is an internal name that cannot be modified even if the exe name has been manipulated.

Port Filtering and Block File Downloads
Filtering options can be applied to block unwanted downloads of video, audio and exe formats. This provides the additional security of protecting your network from being infected by virus or suspicious files.
Port filtering can also be employed to restrict traffic on specific ports.

Device Reports
The AccessPatrol reporting utility addresses an organization.s security compliance of mobile and storage devices.
It serves as an effective tool for analyzing removable device usage and policy enforcement. Effectively identify employees that frequently abuse the endpoint device policies. Through the intuitive reporting tool, generate comprehensive reports highlighting device usage by computer or by user.
The AccessPatrol reports are clear and easy to understand, ranging from executive level summaries to drill down detailed reports for administrators. The reports include:
• All Devices Accessed
• Allowed Devices
• Blocked Devices
• Allowed vs. Denied Access
• Top N Active Machines

Offsite Internet Access Management
Ensure that your offsite users/systems are under the same protection as your onsite systems. Even if the systems are not connected to the BrowseControl server, the Internet and App Blocker security policies can be configured to apply to mobile users/laptops.

Internet Quota Limit
The Internet Quota feature provides employees access to the Internet for a specified amount of time each day. Users will have full access to the Internet during the allocated Quota time, except for those URLs listed in the Blocked list. Once the assigned Quota is used up, Internet access will be restricted to those sites in the Allowed List. The Internet Quota will not be available until the next day. The Quota time is assigned on a per computer or per user basis.

While Internet access is restricted to company authorized sites during work hours, you may want to allow users access to personal sites during non-work hours (e.g. at lunch time). Through the Scheduler assign times when users are allowed access to non-work related sites. These sites are pre-selected by the administrator/manager.

Multiple Consoles
Install separate consoles in each department/classroom, to allow the mangers/teachers to manage their own individual employees/students. Each console can be configured to display only the users or workstations associated with the specific manager/teacher.

Computer or User based policies
Internet policies can be deployed at the User or Computer level. User based management controls an employee/student’s Internet access, based on their Windows login. So regardless of which workstation a user logins into, their Internet access policies will apply. Computer based control employs the BrowseControl policies at the Computer level, regardless of who logins into that workstation.

Remote Client Install
The client component of BrowseControl can be installed remotely through the following methods – (1) From the BrowseControl Console, (2) Active Directory deployment and(3) Third party software deployment software, such as Deployment Solution http://www.codework.com/express/product.html

Active Directory Integration
In User mode, individual users can be imported directly from Active Directory.

Improved Architecture for Console and Client
Introducing our new Console and Client with an enhanced design!
Now available on an even more powerful and robust common console, CurrentWare Console, the Internet filtering and monitoring policies of both BrowseControl and BrowseReporter can efficiently be administered through this common interface.

Terminal Server Compatibility
BrowseControl now support a Terminal Server environment. Internet access or web monitoring of thin clients can be administered by installing the new CurrentWare Server/Console and the CurrentWare Client on the Terminal Server.

The Internet Filtering Solution
BrowseControl is an easy to use Internet Control Software that restricts inappropriate surfing and enforces Internet usage policies across your network. Take Control of your network’s Internet access by using BrowseControl to:
• Completely block the Internet and only allow authorized websites to be visited (Control by Allowed List)
• Allow access to the Internet while blocking certain sites (Control by Blocked List and Category Filtering)
• Block your users from downloading specific file types (.exe, .zip and more)
• Enforce different Internet restriction policy on different computers or users
• Block applications from launching (games, chat, video and music player)
• Manage your entire network conveniently from a Central Console
Should you Filter Internet in your workplace?
The Internet, as with all great things, brings a range of problems along with the benefits. Problems like unproductive or personal browsing by employees or students, downloading malicious software, and bandwidth hogging are just a few of the endless challenges.
With BrowseControl you can greatly reduce or eliminate these challenges, allowing your employees to use the Internet to its full potential.
The cost of one single employee’s lost of productivity
from Internet distraction is roughly $2,350 per year
In addition to restricting Internet activity, BrowseControl includes an application blocker, which can block applications from running. With BrowseControl you can restrict users from running unauthorized programs such as games, chat programs, music/video players etc.
BrowseControl is remarkably easy to install and configure, making it a simple solution to a serious problem.

Block Websites with One Click

Control the Internet access of your employees or students with the comprehensive pre-defined URL category database. Covering more than 100 URL categories, administrators can easily block objectionable web sites through a diverse range of categories.

Category Filtering can be combined with the independent URL Allowed and Blocked lists, to provide a tighter Internet access policy across the enterprise. Ensure employee Internet usage is in accord with your business acceptance policies. From the central Console, administrators can instantly implement Internet restriction policies at the user or computer level. The laborious task of blocking millions of objectionable web sites is instantly facilitated by simply selecting categories to be blocked from a range of over 100 URL Category filters.

The CurrentWare Content Filtering Categories include:






1Abortion and pregnancySites that talk about: pregnancy, abortion, pregnancy terminationNoNo
2AdsSites that serve ads, or are an ads agency.DependsMaybe
3AdultSites that contain adult content, either graphically or in text.NoMaybe
4Adult datingSites that deal with adult dating (contains sexual content), or pickup and seduction.NoMaybe
5AlcoholSites that deal with Alcohol, this includes wine, winemaking and beer.NoNo
6AstrologySites that deal with Astrology and various cold reading methods.YesNo
7Blogs and ForumsSites that are forums and/or blogs, mostly user generated content and reviews, if the content of the site is not safe, it will be in another category.YesNo
8Books or comicsSites that are about books or comics.YesNo
9Business and servicesSites belonging to a business or a service provider that doesn’t fall under any of the other categories.YesNo
10CDNCDN Sites, they serve content of others.DependsMaybe
11ChatsSites that has online chats, or have chat applications.DependsNo
12ClassifiedsClassifieds sites, second hand sales/services.YesNo
13Clothing and fashionSites that are about clothing and fashion.YesNo
14Cooking and foodSites that are about cooking, food, and restaurants.YesNo
15DatingSites that are about dating and marriage/couple advice.NoNo
16DrugsSites that are about drugs.NoMaybe
17EducationSites that belong to: schools, kinder gardens, colleges and universities, or offer online education.YesNo
18Empty siteWhile scanning the site it didn’t return any result, which means site can’t be verified.NoMaybe
19EntertainmentSites about: Celebrity, gossip, movie reviews, entertainment (gossip, celebs), magazines, may contain streaming media, does not contain downloadable media.YesNo
20Error site can’t be accessedWhile scanning the site there was an error, which means site can’t be verified.NoMaybe
21DNS error site can’t be resolvedSite can’t be resolvedNoMaybe
22File hostingSites that allow users to host their files, files content isn’t verified (may contain nudity or warez).DependsMaybe
23Finance and real estateSites that are about: Financial information, Banking, Insurance, Banks, Real estate, Investing, Stock exchange, Forex, Credit, business plans and models.YesNo
24GamblingSites that have gambling games or gambling information (gambling addictions will be under health).NoMaybe
25Games and toysSites that are about Games or has Online games (some games can be violent like GTA), or toys related.DependsNo
26GeneralNo known category, but considered safeYesNo
27GovernmentSites that belong to the government or municipality.YesNo
28HackingSites that are about hacking and cracking.NoNo
29HateSites that are about hate toward genders or race.NoMaybe
30HobbiesSites that are about various type of hobbies.YesNo
31Home improvementSites about: home improvements, decorating and DIY sites.YesNo
32HumorSites with jokes or humor related content.YesNo
33Hunting and fishingSites that are about hunting and fishing.DependsNo
34Image and video hostingSites that give the ability go host images, videos and image/video search engine.MixedMaybe
35JobsSites that are about: job offers, job search, freelancing.YesNo
36Kids safeSites that are just for kids and are safe (sites added to this category is only after human review)YesNo
37LegalSites that belong to lawyers and law firms, and sites that give legal advice or tips.YesNo
38Life style and beautySites that talk about life style, beauty, dieting, personal care, personal grooming and fashion.DependsLight
39Link farmSites that has no value and contain various links that will generate the owner money, may contain pornography.DangerMaybe
40LocalSites about local information (city information, state information)YesNo
41MedicalSites that talk about medical and health information.YesNo
42MilitarySites with .mil or military relatedDependsNo
43Mixed adultSites that have mixed content, some safe and some not, this category can be treated for age 16+.NoYes
44MobileSites that are about mobile devices and does not fit in any other category.YesNo
45ModelsSites that contains images and information about: models, models agency.DependsLight
46MusicSites that are about music, lyrics, bands, musical instruments, may contain music download.YesNo
47News and magazinesNews, weather, magazines and newspaper sites.DependsNo
48General – not pornExact match could not be found, but it’s not porn.DependsMaybe
49Not safeNo category found for site, but site was found to be not safe, usually because it uses “shady” advertisement that has unsafe content.NoMaybe
50Online drugsSites that offer to sell drugs like Viagra, pain killers, narcotics, steroids.NoMaybe
51Online marketingSites that offer online marketing, email marketing services or web analytics.YesNo
52Online video or audioSites that has streaming audio and video, will not contain porn sites, but some content may still be inappropriate, for example youtube.comDependsMaybe
53Pets and aninalsSites that talk about pets and animalsYesNo
54PhishingSites that contain phishing and other content that is scam based.DangerMaybe
55PoliticsSites that are political opinion, politics, politics news, and protests.DependsNo
56PornSites that contain pornographic content.NoYes
57PortalsSites that are portals or magazines that may contain number of categories (some may be related to fashion or intimate apparel)DependsMaybe
58ProfanitySites that contain profanityDependsMaybe
59ProxySites that contain proxy information to bypass web filters and other sorts of surfing limitations.NoNo
60ReligionSites that about religion, spirituality and religion practices.YesNo
61SafeNo category found for site, but site was found to be safe.YesNo
62ScienceSites that are about science and mathematics.YesNo
63Search enginesSearch engines sites, search result may contain unsafe content, and software vendor needs to handle it.DependsMaybe
64SectsSites that are about sects and cults.NoMaybe
65Semi nude and pin upSite that are about intimate fashion and apparel but in context of the images rather then shopping for them, also celebrity gossip with high percent of underwear and swimwear, this category can be treated for age 16+.NoMaybe
66Sex education and sexualitySites that talk about sex educations and sexuality.DependsMaybe
67ShoppingShopping and online auctions sites.YesNo
68Social networksSites that offer social networks service, may contain unsafe content, and software vendor needs to handle it.DependsMaybe
69Spam or scamSites that has no value, or trying to con the user.DangerMaybe
70SportsSports site, contains also Martial arts sites.YesNo
71SuicideSites that talk about suicide, suicide prevention or suicide prevention.NoNo
72Technology and computersSites that about: technology, computers and not under the other categories.YesNo
73Site under construction or not availableSites that are under construction or returned an error response when checked.NoMaybe
74UnknownSite content is unknownDependsMaybe
75URL shortnerURL redirection or shortneres service sites.DependsYou need to verify target URL
76Vacation and travelSites that talk about: travel, vacations and holidays.YesNo
77VehiclesSites that talk about: cars, boats, planes, bikes.YesNo
78ViolenceSites that contain violent content or extreme profanity.NoYes
79Virus infectedSites that are infected with viruses.DangerMaybe
80WarezSites that contain: torrents, warez, software cracks, watch series and movie online without payment, warez sites may offer porn for download.DependsMaybe
81WeaponsSites that talk and/or sell: weapons, guns, knives, body armor, tactical gear, survival gear, etc, and army memorabilia.NoNo
82Web hostingSite belongs to web hosting companiesYesNo
83Web mailSites that offer web mail services.DependsContent isn’t checked
84ReferenceDictionary, maps, translation, general information sites.YesNo
85Community and societySites about: parenting, charity, community, motivational speakers, relationships, and personal coaches.YesNo
86SoftwareLegal software download sites.YesNo
87Philosophy and psychologySites about Philosophy and psychology.YesNo
88HistorySites about historical events and figures.YesNo
89Nonsense and time wasteSites that are directories to humor, memes, movies and pictures that are mostly time waste and viral jokes, some sites will have a secondary category of Semi nude or Mixed nude because of their content.MaybeMaybe
90Local IPLocal IPs can’t be classified.MaybeMaybe
91Swimsuits and underwearSites that sell or talk about swimsuits and underwear, these sites contain images of people wearing them.MaybeMaybe
92ArtsSites about: arts, paintings.YesNo
93Actors and modelsThis category appears only when filtering search results in case it is classifieds as an actor/model.MaybeMaybe
94Login pageThis page or site is part of a login or user management.MaybeMaybe
95Surveys and pollsWebsite that offer surveys and polls services.YesNo
96TobaccoSites that are about tobacco, smoking and cigarettes.NoMaybe
97ISPISP sites, also maybe combined hosting/ISP site.YesNo
98TrackerSites that are tracking user behavior (web analytics).YesNo
99Bypass protectionSites that are used to bypass parental controls software and components.NoMaybe
100Search blockUsed for search phrases only, this indicates the search should be blocked.MaybeMaybe
101Image blockUsed for search results only, the sites may host bad images, usually an image hosting site.MaybeMaybe
102Desktop themesSites that offer: Screensavers, desktop themes, e cards, greeting cards.YesNo
103Depress domainSites that are about obituaries.MaybeNo
104Depress pageWill only appear at page level classification, it indicates bad news (crime, disaster, violence).MaybeNo
105Parenting and familySites that talk about parenting, may have parts which relates to sex education.MaybeNo
106School cheatsSites that offer ready made works for students, or custom work.MaybeNo
107Celebrity gossipSites that are about celebrity gossip, if contains nudity, it will come with an additional category that indicates it.MaybeMaybe
108How toSites that are user generated content with “How to” guides, if contains adult content, it will come with an additional category that indicates it.MaybeMaybe
109IllegalSites that offer illegal products like fake IDs, diplomas, etc (sites for drugs, warez, weapons are under their own category).NoMaybe

NOTE: Category Filtering is a paid add-on to BrowseControl. An annual subscription is required to use this service

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