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Internet Filtering and Blocking
For Mobile Devices and Desktops
CurrentWare Gateway is an agentless flexible and effective business Internet filtering solution, for managing multiplatform devices. Control Internet access not only on desktop computers, and laptops but on smartphones (eg iPhones and Androids) and tablets (eg iPads, Galaxy, Surface).
CurrentWare Gateway allows you to filter websites on any device that connects to your Internet. Secure Internet access on employee devices (BYOD), while still empowering them with the productivity tools they need to do their job.
Multiplatform Management
CurrentWare Gateway makes it easy for businesses to support BYOD. Protect multiple platforms in your environment with just one solution. In one comprehensive solution, CurrentWare Gateway provides protection for multiple devices including PCs, laptops, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets and Windows phones.

No Client Installation
The CurrentWare Gateway, does not require any client software deployment, making it easier to install and configure. This agentless infrastructure provides for a more flexible solution for managing both in house and guest devices, connecting to the company Internet.

Secure Wi-Fi Hotspots
Wireless Internet access is becoming increasingly essential in businesses, a benefit for both employees and visitors to access the web on their mobiles. However, with this convenience comes the concern of security and legal liabilities associated with inappropriate Internet usage. CurrentWare Gateway’s reliable technology delivers secure Internet access to mobile users without compromising the Internet experience, but restricting access to inappropriate sites. We make it easy to manage a variety of mobile devices with just a single solution.

URL Category Filtering
Currentware’s extensive URL Category database, includes over 100 categories, encompassing millions of URLs. Category filtering, is an accurate way of instantly controlling the websites that can be accessed across your organization. Block malicious sites easily, by simply clicking on the relevant URL categories.

Custom Allowed and Blocked Lists
The URL Allowed and Blocked lists, enable you to add additional websites to complement the URL Category Filtering. The Allowed List, permits access to URLs that would normally be restricted if it is part of a blocked category. Conversely the Blocked List will restrict access to a site. The Allowed and Blocked lists can also be used to create your own custom lists independently of Category Filtering. There is no limit to the number of URLs that can be included in the Allowed and Blocked lists.

File Type Blocking
Managing URL traffic based on file types, provides an additional dimension to securing your network. File type blocking complements Category Filtering and Allowed/Blocked Lists. Block the downloading of files that would normally hog the bandwidth such as video and audio files. Or block the downloading of potentially malicious files.

File Type Blocking
Managing URL traffic based on file types, provides an additional dimension to securing your network. File type blocking complements Category Filtering and Allowed/Blocked Lists. Block the downloading of files that would normally hog the bandwidth such as video and audio files. Or block the downloading of potentially malicious files.

Multiplatform Management
Businesses now face the challenge of accommodating and securing multiple platforms across their networks. With the flexibility that mobile devices offer an increasingly mobile workforce, the once homogenous Windows environment is now replaced with a multitude of devices ranging from Apple, Androids and etc.
CurrentWare Gateway provides an all-encompassing multiplatform security solution, to protect a whole range of computers and mobiles, ranging from iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Android tablets, Chromebooks, Windows phones, laptops and PCs.
No Client Installation
CurrentWare Gateway requires no client software to be installed, making it easy for administrators to instantly apply Internet filtering policies without any further overhead or delay. The intuitive interface allows for instant policy deployment making it a virtually maintenance-free solution.
Eliminating the need for a preloaded client software, ensures that the company Internet usage policies are immediately applied to both in-house devices and guest devices. No longer are you faced with inappropriate web usage of personal or guest devices. All devices connecting to the company Internet are subject to the company Internet usage policies.
Secure Wi-Fi Hotspots
With the growing adoption of bring your own device (BYOD), businesses are increasingly challenged to provide WiFi support for their employees and guests. The BYOD trend is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact businesses are also adopting this trend by supplying their employees with mobile devices for increased productivity and convenience.
Whether these are corporate or employee owned devices, ensuring a secure Internet access through your Wi-Fi hotspots, that does not compromise the corporate network is paramount.
The CurrentWare Gateway ensures a robust and comprehensive Internet security solution for Wi-Fi hotspots:
• Block malicious or offensive sites.
• Ensure that guests do not access sites outside company usage policies.
• Block users from downloading bandwidth heavy files (audio, video, setup files).
• Conveniently manage the polices from a web based console.
URL Category Filtering
The URL Category Filtering encompassing over 100 URL categories, covers millions of domains, empowering employees to instantly block offensive web content. Through a user friendly web console, administrators can instantly implement web restriction policies, affording greater control of Internet access, enterprise wide. By simply selecting the desired categories to be blocked, users are immediately blocked from thousands of offensive websites.
The intuitive web based console allows you to enforce different web access polices across different groups of devices or departments. The below list provides examples of the types of categories that can be filtered.
Click here to see CurrentWare’s Category Filtering List
Custom Allowed and Blocked Lists
Custom Allowed and Blocked lists, can be used independently or in combination with the URL Category Filter. URL entries in the Allowed List are always accessible, while entries in the Blocked List will ensure that users will have no access to these sites.
When used in combination with category-based web filtering, the Allowed List can additionally be used to whitelist (allow) individual URLs that may otherwise be blocked in a category. The Blocked list will limit access to sites that are allowed by a category.
File Type Blocking
File Type blocking allows you to block the downloading of file types based on their extensions. Block file types that may typically drain the bandwidth, compromise the security and ultimately affect productivity.
For example, you can allow the Sports category, but block video and audio media, which can be a huge strain on bandwidth. Blocking of files can be implemented using the CurrentWare predefined file types or you can create new file types.

Why Choose CurrentWare Gateway?
Coupled with the benefits of no client install and an out of the box deployment, notice an increase in employee productivity with less IT time spent on device maintenance.
o No client install required.
o Platform independent, instantly restrict Internet access to smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop workstations.
o Support multiple operating systems: Windows, Macs, Linux, iOS, Android and etc.
o Peace of mind Internet security for hotspots and wired networks.
o Out of the box deployment with reduced administrative time.
o Intuitive console, allows for effortless web filtering and blocking.
o Selection of over a 100 URL categories to provide the most extensive web protection.
o Improved employee productivity.
o Spent less admin time cleaning infected devices.
o No additional investment on appliances.

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